Excellent Feng Shui garden models

The most famous of the Asians are the beautifully landscaped garden. Your Feng Shui garden should be easily seen. If you unfortunately have the option not to go to Asia to see the wonderful garden why do not you simply pick the garden to their home. The best Feng Shui garden ideas we have prepared for you. Experience the Feng Shui garden entirely at your home.

One of the symbols of the Feng Shui garden is the beautiful wooden bridge which is built over a pond. It allows to cross the pond. At the same time, it also looks very good when the garden is run for fills the soul with peace

 One of the symbols of the Feng Shui garden is built on a pond, the beautiful wooden bridge. It allows to cross the pond. At the same it looks very good when the garden is run for fills the soul with peace.

Feng Shui garden with a huge pond
A huge pond in the middle of the garden is also a special feature of the Feng Shui garden. With the right plants and flowers all around you recognizes it immediately.


Bagua in Feng Shui garden
What is very popular in the Feng Shui garden design, is the Bagua. The Bagua elements are also suitable for the apartment you can also use in the household


waterfall in the Feng Shui garden
A waterfall drops the garden reflect a completely different harmony. One feels here as to the wild.


Feng Shui garden with a small lake
A beautiful bridge which runs over a small lake and leads to a railing where you can sit in peace and enjoy the landscape.

 garden, bridge, lake

Chapel in the garden
A garden of a house has in itself that looks like a chapel. One of the most important symbols of Asia. Stones and plants, in the form as in the Feng Shui garden in Asia give the garden the originals atmosphere.

Garden Path-pebbles-invest-feng shui garden design tips accessories

Feng Shui Pond to match the concept
Beautiful colorful plants ermöglichem the pond what the middle of the garden is the right harmony. And fits the concept.


Feng Shui Chapel at sea
a wonderful sight , Immersed in nature, a railing in the form of a chapel. What more could you want to enjoy on the water in the middle of nature, the beautiful countryside.

classical Chinese-garden1

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The best play ideas for the garden

The best and safest playground for the kids is the garden. So they have more fun playing it naturally also need the matching toys. We thought if the children can not at the playground we get then the playground home. We have beautiful playground equipment will be put together for you with our ideas have their children play with their friends having fun on and you can concentrate in peace for other things.

wooden playhouse with polymer slides
All in one, the wooden playhouse. Two large slides and a climbing wall. what more do you want. Thus, the little explorers can enjoy themselves in peace and have fun with their friends.

 All in one, the wooden play house. Two large slides and a climbing wall. What more could you want . Thus, the little explorers can enjoy themselves in peace and have fun with their friends.

All in one, the wooden playhouse. Two large slides and a climbing wall. what more do you want. Thus, the little explorers can enjoy themselves in peace and have fun with their friends.

castle playhouse
Of course a urg is indispensable for the little knights , For unforgettable adventure knight a beautiful castle should be in the garden. With secret chambers and escape routes makes the knight play the more fun.


Triangular play area for the garden
A nice toy optiaml for the garden and for the children it includes a slide, a climbing wall and the most important a sandbox.


delight playing on
joy of playing that is playing the most important when. With various options to the play equipment, the children have a lot of fun.


playground with swings and sandbox
A swing and a big sand box are one of the most beloved things in a playground. We should have brought the playground home, of course, the two major components not missing.


gaming device with a climbing frame
The joy of small can be read on their faces. Play area with a climbing frame and slide are always very popular.


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Garden Playhouses

in a garden is also a playhouse for small explorers or for little ladies. With a beautiful playhouse in the garden of their children have the opportunity outdoors in your own realm to play with friends or siblings. Thus, you can use the hours you have spent in playgrounds use for beautiful things. The playhouse ideas we may have little explorers go with their friends to discover hunted and the little ladies can make tea party with her best friends. Here are their children in front of their eyes and you can use the time you have for yourself to enjoy in peace.

Small playground in the garden

Build a small playground in her garden where their children can invite their friends to play with them in the garden


A pirate cave for little pirate

Ahoy and the hunt can begin. With a pirate ship in the garden as a playhouse. Can your little pirates go in the garden on the high seas.

Garden -spielhaus-pirate

A playhouse for small Dedektive

A simple and discreet garden playhouse exactly a motto for small Dedektive.


playhouse Plastic

For the smallest is a playhouse made of plastic Optimal element. More fun when playing and much more comfortable.

 Garden playhouse-5

play house with slide and climbing wall

A playhouse with a small playground, two in one. With double the children can play and relax at the same time.


Small home A little home in the garden where with girlfriends laughed out loud in the garden

and at rest will talk about things that parents should not noticed. Or is met with pals and wild plans are made.


game home with a staircase and terrace

If then, because even the playhouse should be suitable for home. A small semi-detached house that looks just like their house should their children have of course a staircase and terrace. Then makes playing more fun.


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Garden design models 2015

We have some very nice pool garden design pictures inserted a look around them to be able to show a few other possible examples, this will give them a few new options Show.

You can look at the pictures of poole and the garden examples, you can easily view the images a little the possible sample pictures. You can view the images with a simple click to enlarge, if you have any questions let us know.

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