Add-Elegance-with-bath-or-Magazine Rack-Mount Toilet Paper Holder

Add-Elegance-with-bath-or-Magazine Rack-Mount Toilet Paper Holder

Inspired Today, millions of homeowners showing by the flood of home improvement, for easy and inexpensive ways looking for a house to add AOS decor. With so many cookie-cutter housing developments that many people put a personal stamp on their homes. Here at WG Wood Products, we offer a variety of great choices in the room accents that are easy to install and are inexpensive.

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For example, let AOS look at two decisions that can really perk up a bathroom: magazine rack and recessed toilet paper holder. Bathroom magazine rack Most bathrooms have a bit of reading, but put magazines or a bathroom reader on the toilet tank isn, AOT the best solution. Not only can it look sloppy, but it also makes it more difficult to get to the toilet tank if needed.


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A bathroom magazine rack adds a classy touch, especially on a guest. Magazine racks add a stylish accent while providing useful storage space. The On-wall units are easy to install even for homeowners without do-it-yourself experience. Our see In-Wall Units sharp and, although they require a bit more effort to greatly enhance Bad, AOS decor.


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Recessed Toilet Paper Holder A recessed toilet paper holder is another place that you can add an inexpensive but pleasing accent to a bathroom. Our handmade solid wood products hold a single or double role and range from a simple one-reel seat to larger units that hold a spare roll and more. A recessed toilet paper holder is mounted in the wall, getting the toilet paper out of the way. Although it may not seem much space, it can make a real difference in how the room feels, especially in a small bathroom. Our units to hold a replacement can also be prepared to have a second spindle, so that two rollers are mounted at a time.

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you one combined machine for even more functionality, we have many units, combined bathroom magazine rack with recessed toilet paper holder you both functions in one compact, stylish accessory. Our largest capacity of each unit replacement rollers or a slot for discrete storage of items such as feminine hygiene products. No matter what position you choose, you can expect a high-quality products, the hand is made of spruce or red oak on the purchase of WG Wood Products. Our products are unfinished or if you prefer, one of our professionals can paint or stain it to your specifications.

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Find-It-stylish storage solutions-with-Keuco Bathroom Cabinets We did additional options that you can customize your purchase even more. Keystones or other details add an elegant touch to the device. Optional toilet paper rolls are finished either in a variety of colors like antique brass, brushed nickel or nickel (this color is the latest craze in the current household lamps) and black shiny. Look through our catalog of bathroom magazine rack and recessed toilet paper holder and find that perfect thrive complete your decor. If you do, where AOT exactly what you need, we can customize your order to your specifications. by Polina

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