Garden Playhouses

in a garden is also a playhouse for small explorers or for little ladies. With a beautiful playhouse in the garden of their children have the opportunity outdoors in your own realm to play with friends or siblings. Thus, you can use the hours you have spent in playgrounds use for beautiful things. The playhouse ideas we may have little explorers go with their friends to discover hunted and the little ladies can make tea party with her best friends. Here are their children in front of their eyes and you can use the time you have for yourself to enjoy in peace.

Small playground in the garden

Build a small playground in her garden where their children can invite their friends to play with them in the garden


A pirate cave for little pirate

Ahoy and the hunt can begin. With a pirate ship in the garden as a playhouse. Can your little pirates go in the garden on the high seas.

Garden -spielhaus-pirate

A playhouse for small Dedektive

A simple and discreet garden playhouse exactly a motto for small Dedektive.


playhouse Plastic

For the smallest is a playhouse made of plastic Optimal element. More fun when playing and much more comfortable.

 Garden playhouse-5

play house with slide and climbing wall

A playhouse with a small playground, two in one. With double the children can play and relax at the same time.


Small home A little home in the garden where with girlfriends laughed out loud in the garden

and at rest will talk about things that parents should not noticed. Or is met with pals and wild plans are made.


game home with a staircase and terrace

If then, because even the playhouse should be suitable for home. A small semi-detached house that looks just like their house should their children have of course a staircase and terrace. Then makes playing more fun.


furniture house decoration